Our Projects - Youth

Project Description

The project targets mainly to establish ten youth groups that will be in direct contact with their municipalities to a better promotion of the transparency and accountability concepts, and to strengthen the relations and interaction between these youth and municipalities and this is reached through conducting training workshops to 90 persons including youth and municipal employees or municipal councils members, covering different related issues then creating lobbying groups of around 250 youth that will plan and execute 10 small projects in partnership with the municipalities. On another side training guide, posters and brochures will be done, in addition to a guide about Green Hand and the launching of Green Hand official website in order to promote and achieve the project objectives.


    "Youth and Municipalities… New Participatory Governance" project was funded by the USAID-TAG project managed by AMIDEAST/Lebanon

    According to our experience that includes joint work between municipalities and community members (especially youth) we found that municipal councils should be more responsible towards their local communities, should work with more transparency and should encourage the youth volunteering in municipal programs and activities, on the second hand youth should be more aware of the main role they can play in fighting corruption, and implementing local development in their communities through an active engagement in their society.

    Through out our practice, youth don’t feel interested or even concerned by municipalities, they haven’t any knowledge or information about their real functions and tasks, most of them haven’t participated in the last elections cause of their young age, and municipalities don’t have any programs directed for youth, nor engaging them into their activities, nor planning anything concerning or regarding youth interests. Municipalities don’t even consider exploring and using youth capacities through volunteer activities. Links and communication between youth and municipal councils simply don’t exist and it’s a must.

    The relationship between municipal councils and youth should be strengthened, so youth should be informed about the meaning, the role, the duties, the responsibilities, the frame work, the yearly plans, etc… of the municipality and must start thinking to cooperate and coordinate with the municipal councils. Municipal councils should learn to team into creation of new ways of interaction with the youth of their communities.

    Direct interaction and coordination between the youth and their municipal council leads for better governance, more effective and transparent work for the municipality and better revenues towards the community. So Green hand decided to execute a project based on the creation of this link between the eager youth that are willing to enhance and work in their municipalities with the municipal councils and all interactive concerned parties.

  • Raising the awareness of the youth about transparency, accountability, good governance and about all aspects of municipal work and role, their rights and their duties.
  • Implementing effective connection ways between youth and municipalities.
  • Empowering youth to perceive themselves as active agents for change in their communities.
  • Creating and enhancing the channels of work and coordination between the municipality head, councils and the youth.
  • Empower the feeling of citizenship in the youth sector.
Main Activities
  • Field survey in the ten villages of the project in order to detect the real field needs (using the focus group and interview techniques). .
  • Three training workshops for 90 youth and social activists, aiming to empower youth in the fields of transparency, accountability and good governance, and using these concepts to improve the communication ways between youth and their municipalities.
  • Establishing ten grass root lobbying groups through peer's education system, where nearly 250 youth will be involved in collaborating with their municipalities to enhance transparency, accountability and good governance in municipal work.
  • Implementing ten small doable projects in the ten villages related to transparency and accountability issues.
  • Printing training material (training Guide, tool kit, posters, brochures, green Hand guide…).
  • Launching Green Hand official website.

    22/December/2008 - 31/October/2009. 

Area Covered

    Mohafaza: Mount Lebanon.

    Kadaa: Aley.

    Villages: Aley, Ain El Jdidi, Ainab, Bmakine, Rechmaya, Mecherfeh, Aramoun, Mhatet Bhamdoun, Houmal, Mejdlaya.


    Municipalities, youth, Local community members, 

Field Of Intervention

    Capacity Building Programs, Educational Programs, Trainings, Human Rights, Advocacy Programs, Awareness Campaigns, Empowerment, Conferences, Citizenship, lobbying groups.