Our Projects - Tobacco Control

Project Description

Smoking behaviors are empirically linked with important gaps in knowledge and permissive attitudes. Green hand anti-smoking program offers awareness and information to Lebanese society in general and age range 15 – 21 in particular, about the harmful ingredients of cigarettes and all kinds of smoking, and changes the misconceptions regarding smoking and its harmful consequences, in addition to the dangerous effect of passive smoking, through workshops, lectures, interactive activities for youth, and production of different interactive awareness materials.


    Short-term objectives:

  • Assess knowledge, procedures and safety actions to be taken to ban smoking in all its kinds.
  • Increase the awareness of students and new generation especially in Underprivileged Areas about the smoking bad effects.
  • Raise awareness of the health risks associated with active and passive smoking.
  • Promote a positive against smoking attitudes, behaviors and habits.
  • Long-term objectives:

  • Implementation of Laws concerning the inspection and controlling of any smoking type entering or manufactured in Lebanon, in addition to ban smoking in public areas laws.
  • Enforcement for implementing and inducing Lebanese laws concerning tobacco control especially the mixed substances (Flavored Tobacco – تنبك و معسل) used for smoking Nargili.
Main Activities
  • Specialized workshops, sessions and public lectures.
  • Conducting surveys on different smoking related issues.
  • Training of trainers.
  • Awareness material production: Booklets, Brochures, Animated CDs, Stickers, Posters, Banners.
  • Encouraging, supporting and capacity building for people trying to quit smoking.
  • Participating in different Media anti-smoking awareness campaigns.
  • Participating in national and regional conferences and seminars related to smoking.
Start date

    Green Hand launched its Anti-Smoking activities in 2004.                                       

Area Covered

    Activities of Anti-Smoking department cover all Lebanon

Partnership with other organizations

    - World Health Organization.

    - Ministry of Public Health.


    Children, teenagers, parents, youth, caretakers, women, local community members, prisoners, hospitals.

Field Of Intervention

    Training of trainers, capacity building programs, teenagers targeted programs, health education, public safety, Advocacy programs, and Awareness campaigns