Our Projects - Tobacco Control

Events and Activities


Since 2004, Green Hand executed more than 340 lectures spreading knowledge, information and know-how mainly about Smoking bad effects on health and how to quit smoking.

These lectures targeted youth, women, teenagers and public in general.  

The content and the used approach in the lecture varies according to the audience; every target group needs to stress on different kind of information, and needs a different way of explanation and of interacting, some times having a doctor lecturing is a must, sometimes having a youth lecturing is the perfect way to transmit the information.

Lectures covered all Lebanese districts: North, South, Nabattye, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon and Beirut.


Published documents:

Green Hand since 2004 has designed and executed alone or in collaboration with other NGOs many pamphlets, brochures, booklets and posters concerning smoking related problems.

We also created “puzzles” to be used in the different trainings we achieve.



27 workshops targeting youth, teenagers and social activists in order to help them discover smoking issue from different angles: health, psychology, media and publicity role, society influence, peers pressure, how to quit smoking, how to plan an anti-smoking campaign in local communities. These trainees implemented further activities in their communities based on the information and knowledge they received.

The schedule of these workshops varies according to the needs of the target group detected through a pre-test filled by the trainees.