Our Projects - Social

Project Description

Established within Green Hand with the objectives of creating an integrated platform of expertise in all social domains to serve in prompt way all Lebanese citizens that are willing to do a change by sustainable act. The social department includes two main permanent projects: 1- Green Home Project for supporting underprivileged families, craftsmen and food producers by training these families for producing different domestic handicrafts and healthy food items. 2- Accelerated vocational training program in coordination with YMCA for computer, English and office management directed for underprivileged people. In addition to providing different activities including: Human rights, Children rights, Aids, Mothers Day, and also supporting with Wheel Chairs and different movement assisting tools for disabled underprivileged people.


    1-      Raising awareness and promoting social volunteering spirit.

    2-      Empowering people on socio-economical level.

    3-      Providing services for people in need.

Main Activities

    1-      Green Home Project 

    2-      Accelerated Vocational Training Program.

    3-      Awareness lectures and workshops.

    4-      Providing Wheel Chairs and different movement assisting tools for disabled people.

    5-      Different activities promoting human and children rights,

    6-      Celebrating International days: Aids, Drugs, Health, children, disabled, etc.

    7-      Gifts distribution in different occasions for kids in public schools, orphanages, handicapped institutions.

    8-      Theatre and Plays for kids in public schools, orphanages, handicapped institutions.

Start date

    Green Hand launched its social activities in 2003.

Area Covered

    Activities of social department cover all Lebanon.

Partnership with other organizations

    - Young men Christian association.

    - Ministry of social affairs.

    -  FINI


    Children, teenagers, parents, youth, women, local community members, prisoners, disabled persons, persons with special needs, artisans, elderly,

Field Of Intervention
    Training of trainers, capacity building programs, empowerment, health education, public safety, Advocacy programs, recreational activities, income generating activities, and Awareness campaigns.