Our Projects - Road Accident Safety

Project Description

Road Accidents Prevention success is obtained through coordinating multisectoral efforts such as improving the design of roads, focusing on legislations, enforcement and sharing information about use of seat-belts, helmets, child restraints, and about the dangers of speed and drink-driving. Green Hand took the responsibility of spreading information and awareness regarding Road Safety measures, targeting mainly youth between 16 – 24 years, and of being an effective partner working on the upgrading of related Lebanese legislations.

  • Increasing awareness regarding road safety.
  • Contributing in the renewal and activation and implementation of legislation regulating all smoking related issues.
  • Decreasing the number of road accidents victims.
  • Increasing awareness related to roads and driving public safety measures.
  • Buildings a new aware and responsible generation able to engender change.
  • Specialized workshops, sessions and public lectures.
  • Conducting surveys on all issues related to road accident safety. 
  • Awareness material production; Booklets, Brochures, Animated CDs, Stickers, Posters, Banners
  • Participating in national and regional conferences and seminars related to road safety issues.
  • Awareness campaigns in schools, technical institutes and universities.
Start date

    Road Accident Safety started its activities in 2004.

Area Covered

    Road Accident Safety cover all Lebanon.

Partnership with other organizations

    - World Health Organization.

    - World Safety Organization.

    - Lebanese Association for Public Safety.

    - Ministry of Public Health.


    Children & Adolescents, Women, Young People, teachers, Local community members, Total Population.

Field Of Intervention

    Capacity Building Programs, Children/Adolescents Programs, Training of trainers, Health Education, Public safety, Advocacy Programs, Awareness Campaigns, Conferences.