Our Projects - Environment

Project Description

Green Hand environmental activities started as a response to the detected environmental needs and problems all over Lebanon. This department targets mainly youth in an action of involving them to initiate environmental solutions after elaborating their knowledge through workshops.

  • Increasing environmental awareness among Lebanese society, and especially among youth.
  • Enlarging green areas all over Lebanon through forestation and forest conservation
  • Promoting organic agriculture, production and consumption.
  • Promoting positive environmental attitudes, behaviors and habits.
  • Prevention and harm reduction of forest fires.
  • Conserving Lebanese traditional agriculture.
  • Forestation and conservation of natural reserves (distribution of ~ 15,000 fruitful and wild trees).
  • Workshops and awareness lectures concerning all environmental aspects.
  • Solid waste management programs implemented in collaboration with municipalities.
  • Solid waste management through Domestic and Artistic Recycling (Creative Environmental Ideas).
  • Cleaning campaigns covering all Lebanon, and effective partner in Operation Big Blue.
  • Encouraging of Organic Agriculture and Production for farmers and Organic Consumption for consumers through workshops and public lectures.
  • Helping in increasing the number of Public Parks and Green Corners.
  • Establishing a nursery for wild and fruitful trees, to help farmers and to increase the Green Public Areas.
  • Ecotourism activities (Hiking, Biking, Mountain Climbing, Camping, Bird Watching, etc).
  • Advocacy Campaigns aiming to help Lebanese citizens reclaim their environmental rights.
  • Training on harm reduction and early intervention in forest fires.
  • Green Hand Botanical Garden. (link to botanical garden page)
Start date

    Green Hand environmental activities started officially in 2001.

Area Covered

Green Hand environmental activities cover all Lebanon.

Partnership and collaboration with other organizations
  • Liban Cert
  • IMC
  • World Vision
  • Cedars
  • Municipalities
  • Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Ministry of Environment.

Children, teenagers, parents, youth, women, municipalities, agricultures, farmers, schools, local community members, hospitals, total population.

Field Of Intervention:

Cultural activities, Training of trainers, capacity building programs, Cleaning Up campaigns, Advocacy programs, Awareness campaigns, Environmental Income Generating activities, Rural Development, Waste management, Ecotourism, Forestation.