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Green Hand Botanical Garden

Forests in Lebanon are being rapidly destroyed by forest fires and human activities. Green Hand is working from the standpoint of protecting biodiversity for the revitalization of Lebanese forest. Since 2001 Green Hand volunteers have been reforesting all over Lebanon, until now they have planted and distributed more than 1500 fruitful and wild trees.

Our forestation activities are based upon our observation in different rural damaged areas, upon a request from municipality, environmental activist, NGO, school, population.

Our policy focus on finding a partner in the forestation area able to take care of the trees and sustain their existence by watering, trimming, offering them all the essential needs to grow up. We work closely with the local community, we teach them the planting procedure starting with choosing the appropriate timing, the appropriate land, how to dig the wholes, how to plant the tree, methods of trimming, watering, etc.

Our activities covered different regions such as:

  • Kfeir – Hasbaya 5000 wild tree
  • Yahchouch – Kesserwan 200 Cedars
  • Chaney – Aley 250 Cedars
  • Obey – Aley 1000 wild tree
  • Kfar Hazir – Koura 350 Cedars
  • Jbeil – 500 Olive tree
  • Aley –Aley 200 wild tree


Advocacy campaigns

    Green Hand is totally convinced by the importance and the necessity of involving people directly in reclaiming their rights, finding solutions to their problems, retrieving responses to their needs. The best way to reach any of these is advocacy campaigns, where people gather their efforts to obtain their requirements through protesting, signing petitions, organizing peaceful gatherings, providing media coverage, in order to persuade decision makers, to create or modify related laws or official procedures, or to change a dominating mentality.

    Green Hand environmental advocacy campaigns covered different regions and issues:

     كسارات ومقالع عيناب ، الرميلة مطمر نفايات

Cleaning Campaigns:

    1- Big Blue Operation

    Since 2005, Green Hand is an effective partner every year in the sea shores cleaning campaign: “Big Bleu Operation” which is organized by Cedars. Green Hand mainly take in charge the planning and the distribution of tasks between the different NGOs participating in the campaign on the same shores with us, in addition to the coordination with the UNIFIL while working in South Lebanon coast. Green Hand volunteers work closely with other volunteers and manage the execution in order to initiate on site the recycling process by separating the collected litter into two categories: recyclable (glass, papers, plastic, batteries) and non-recyclable items.  

    Green Hand wok covered the following shores: 2005 – Nakoura and Jbeil; 2006 Nakoura and Amchit; 2007 Nakoura and Tyr; 2008 Saida; 2009 Jbeil. 

    2- Forests and villages cleaning campaigns:

    Cleaning campaigns for prairies, villages, public places, forests take place periodically where ever it is needed. It is used as a launching activity before we start environmental awareness in any village. We insist on gathering the local community and on the contribution and sponsoring of the municipality.

Ecotourism Activities

    Ecotourism became an important sector in ecological activities; Green hand started its ecotourism activities since 2005 aiming to spread and promote this culture among youth. Alone or in collaboration with other NGOs working in this field, we organize hiking, biking, bird watching, climbing, and rappel. We helped different groups discover and enjoy the delights of relaxant Lebanese nature.

    In Ehden, Baskinta, Ramlieh, Kamouaa,Rechmaya, Jezzine, Maaser el Shouf, and many other places more than 400 persons joined our ecotourism days and enjoyed the healthy, joyful atmosphere, in addition to exploring new places and learning about its traditions and customs.

Artistic Recycling workshops:

     Green hand promotes the Artistic Recycling as a solid waste management technique. Trainers start with information about solid waste and recycling techniques, then they train participants how to use domestic solid wastes to create decorative useful artistic items such as: Kleenex box, vase, environmental pot, environmental flowers, pens holder, dolls, decorated jars, etc.

    Around 34 artistic Recycling workshop were executed in Deir el ahmar, Aley, Ainab, Wadi Chahrour, Tripoli, Halba, and many other places, assembling more than 580 trainees (school students, women, youth)

    Items produced were displayed in many exhibitions.

Awareness lectures and workshops

    Lectures and interactive workshops covering different environmental issues and problems: recycling, waste management, ozone layer, pollution in all its forms, forest fire control and prevention, forest conservation, organic agriculture, forestation, wild life, etc

    The level of information and the methods used in lectures and workshops varies according to the target group: children, teenagers, youth, men, women, agricultures, teachers, municipalities, scouts, university students, school students, religious movements groups. Interactive self-learning ways are the most used.