Our Projects - Cultural

Project Description

Green Hand cultural department contribute to cultural life with all its different perspectives and multiple aspects: poetry, music, arts, paintings, traditions and handcrafts, in addition to literature, philosophy and Lebanese heritage components. Our contribution is reflected through heartening and supporting artists, writers, poets, painters and all cultural aspects that can add a significant value of our overlooked culture and tradition. Poetry nights, musical concerts, painting exhibitions, awarding ceremonies, cine-club, panel discussions are executed merging fun with education and presenting culture in a youth- friendly way.

  • Promoting culture of music, arts, literature and poetry among Lebanese youth.
  • Encouraging and sustaining young new artists and writers.
  • Promoting Reading culture and Researching mentality.
  • Highlighting the achievements of unrealized Lebanese persons.
  • Promoting of cultural and traditional places. 
Main Activities
  • Arts and books exhibitions.
  • Musical concerts (oriental and occidental music)
  • Poetry nights.
  • Book signings.
  • Awarding ceremonies: Dr. Sami Makarem, Ziad Akiki, Janet Kassouf, Emile Fahd, Nibal Gaith.
  • Establishing the first e-library and research center in Mount Lebanon.
  • Providing public schools students with reading books, stories and magazines.
  • Organizing activities in cultural traditional places as a way of engaging and attaching people to our interactive rich culture.
  • Cine – Club.
Start date

    Green Hand launched its cultural activities in 2003.

Area Covered

    Activities of Cultural department cover all Lebanon.

Partnership with other organizations

    -Lebanese National Committee for UNESCO.

    - Ministry of Culture and Arts.

    - Ministry of Education.

    - Embassies.


    Children, teenagers, youth, poets, writers, painters, musicians, arts fans, women, local community members.

Field Of Intervention

    Educational activities, awarding ceremonies, books distribution.