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Activity: Poetry night - Janet Kassouf

Location: Aley club premises.

Date: 27- 6- 2008

Number of attendance: 203

Brief description:

The cultural department organized a poetry night in Aley Club premises, honoring the female Poet Janet Kassouf. Four writers and poets commented on Janet’s poetry and writings through her book titled “Rashet Sahar”.

Mr. Tarek Nasredine, Mr. Issam Hmeidi, Mr. Ossmat Hassan and Mr. Iyad Abou-Ali spoke consequently describing and analyzing the passion, the love and the woman in Janet’s poems. At the same time attendees were watching the DVD “Rashet Sahar” playing on the giant screen.  

The ten minutes with the tender voice of Janet performing her poems to the public announced indirectly the end of the ceremony, and Janet with Mr. Redwan - Green Hand President surprised the participants by announcing that the funds raised by selling the book and the DVD tonight will be used to a reforestation activity in Aley area.

Green Hand awarded Miss Kassouf by offering her a medal.

Activity: Poetry night - Ziad Akiki 

Location: Aley club premises

Date: 24 –7- 2008

Number of attendance: 228

Brief description:

The cultural department organized a poetry night in Aley Club garden, honoring the poet Ziad Akiki in the occasion of the tenth anniversary for his Radio- Show “Enadil Sehrani” broadcasted on Radio Liban Libre (RLL).

Four poets were on the program to honor Mr. Ziad and his show through their own poems: Rabih Laham, Imad Malaeb, Rima Zeidan Soueid and Youssef Lahoud.

A special decoration with traditional lamps (Enadil) created a warm atmosphere of familiarity and friendship among the public.

Ziad spread a bouquet of his poems at the end of the ceremony talking about Lebanon, life and love.

Activity: Dr. Sami Makarem Awarding Ceremony.

Location: UNESCO Palace – Beirut.

Date: 22 –8- 2007

Number of attendance: 1200

Partners: Lebanese National Committee for UNESCO.

Sponsor: Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries.

Brief description:

The cultural department organized an Awarding ceremony for Dr. Sami Makarem (Philosophy professor at AUB, painter, poet) 

Green Hand wanted the awarding to be innovative so we gathered music, painting and poetry in this night.

A highly selected team of musicians and an opera performer were contacted to be part of the ceremony, in addition to a TV presenter: Mrs. Hiba Kawass, Mrs. Maguy Abi-Lamee, Dr. Jamal Abou-Elhesn, Mr. Mazen Salha and Mr. Yasser Ghazi. They gathered they efforts and talents to offer Dr. Makarem the most remarkable and distinguished awarding.  

Lebanese National Committee for UNESCO was an active partner.

The program included the following:

-          Mrs. Raghida Jaber – Green Hand word

-          Dr. Georges Massouh – Friends of Dr. Makarem word

-          Dr. Jamal Abou-Elhesn – audio-visual piano playing show (paintings of Dr. Makarem with the music of Dr. Abou-Elhesn).

-          Mr. Mazen Salha – Oud playing.

-          Mrs. Hiba Kawass – performing a poem for Dr. Makarem as an opera song.

-          Mrs. Maguy Abi-Lamee – accompanied Dr. Makarem with Flute de Panne playing while he was reading his poems. 

-          Mrs. Salwa Sanioura Baasiri – word of Lebanese National Committee for UNESCO.  

Attendance was from all over Lebanon, people interested in philosophy, university doctors, friends of Dr. Makarem, journalists, artists.

An exhibition of Dr. Makarem paintings, drawings, researches and books was hosted in the eastern hall of UNESCO palace in the same day.