Our Projects - Cultural

E. Library

Green Hand found from its daily observation that the region suffers from lack of public libraries and research centers. This gave us the motivation to start building the first E-library and Research Center in Mount Lebanon. Contacts were made with many other centers and e-library to be linked to their e-books on line. Youth will find a healthy educational atmosphere to execute their researches and to practice reading and other cultural scientific activities.

  • Promoting culture of arts, literature, poetry among Lebanese youth.  
  • Promoting Reading culture and Researching mentality.
  • Providing accurate varied reliable references for researchers.
Main Activities
Start date

    Green Hand started building the library venues in 2009.

    Inauguration is planned to 2010.

Area Covered

    Library venues are in Aley city but its doors are opened to the planet.

Partnership with other organizations

    Children, teenagers, youth, writers, painters, musicians, scientists, researchers, women, school students, university students, teachers, professors, all community members.

Field Of Intervention
    Researches, reading